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Av. São Luís, 50, 21º andar, cj. 212 - C
Ed. Itália - Centro - 01046-000
São Paulo - SP

+55 (11) 3255-5596


Services Provided

      . Administrative
        Advisory: Monitor expropriatory projects from the initial stage of the administrative process.

        Litigation: Monitor expropriations, ensuring the best possible valuation of properties for fair compensation, paid within a short time frame.

      . Civil
        Advisory: Advisory services in general within this field of law.

        Litigation: Supporting legal measures in general, including issues related to health care, civil liability and loan collections. Supporting second-instance lawsuits and those in superior courts.

      . Condominium
        Preventive advice and litigation for issues related to Condominium Law.

      . Construction and Engineering
        Advice in the labour and contractual domain characteristic with areas of construction.

      . Consumer
        Office specialising in consumer relations.

      . Commercial Contracts
        Advisory: Advice and drafting contracts in general.

        Litigation: All issues resulting from breaches of contract and credit recovery.

      . Equipment Rental
        Office specializes in repossession of equipment, collection of rent arrears, preventative advice, and operational safety.

      . Family and Successions
        Advisory: Advice on family law and succession issues, including separations and amicable estate settlements, drafting and registering wills and inheritance planning.

        Litigation: Related legal issues, including listing and making inventories of assets; separation and divorce and recognising marriages and separations processed abroad.

      . Intellectual Property
        Advisory: Guidance on matters related to trade marks, patents, unfair competition, know-how and copyrights. Advice for registering trademarks and patents and for franchising, software licensing, trademark licenses and technology transfer agreements. Advice on copyright issues.

        Litigation: Judicial and Administrative.

      . Labour
        Advisory: Guidance on preventive procedures and comprehensive advice for issues related to employee/employer and trade union relations.

        Litigation: The Office represents its clients in individual and collective labour claims, providing complete legal support in all courts and with the Ministry of Labour.

      . Medical Error
        Advice in the litigation area related to Medical Errors.

      . Real Estate
        Advisory: Advice on real estate business, including regularising real estate documents; consultancy advice on property acquisitions (rural and urban, commercial and residential); preparing documentation, establishing, specifying and convening condominiums; division of land, including housing developments; unifying and rectifying areas; contracts for shopping centres, theme parks, condominiums and similar establishments. Leasing and rental agreements.

        Litigation: Legal action for issues related to Real Estate Law, including trespassing, claims, rent renewal and review proceedings, adjustment of areas and neighbour-related issues.

      . Property Rental
        Office for expert advice on issues related to tenancy law.

      . Social Security
        Advisory: Advice on social security law, comprising retirement and other social security related issues.

        Litigation: Monitoring social security proceedings in order to obtain the benefits established by law.

      . Tax
        Advisory: Advice on administering tax liabilities and applications for special tax schemes.

        Litigation: Recovering and offsetting overpaid taxes.

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